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A-22 Valor

A-22 Valor Place Mouse Over Images to Enlarge

The "Valor" is superbly maneuverable and truly FUN - it will turn on a dime in the air or on the ground. It's very light on the nose-wheel, enabling it to land and take off like a tail-dragger - without all the fancy footwork! Cross-wind capability is quite high. Cruise speed is a genuine 85-90kts, (a true 100 + mph aircraft), with a top cruise speed of 106kts / 122 MPH, and a VNe of 120Kts/ 137 MPH. When you experience the space inside, you'll realize just how cramped the competitors aircraft truly are. The view out of the A22 Valor makes even a helicopter seem claustrophobic and works well for photography as well! Fly with Valor in a Valor!

Bristol Basic
Flight School Options: Day VFR
Includes:Airframe, Ailerons, Aileron Drooping mechanism (Flaperons), 6 X 6 Aircraft Wheels, Matco Brakes, Control Yokes OR Center Stick with "Y" Controller and "Y" Brake Handle; Luggage storage Area, Adjustable Seats, Compass, Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Grand Rapids EIS (or equivalent), Fuel Gauges, Transparent "Bubble Doors", Parachute recovery System Ready, Master Electrical Switch, Master Switch, Rotax 912 UL Engine, Cabin Heat, ELT, ELT Test lights, Landing / Taxi light, Warp Drive Prop with Nickel Leading edge and Tapered tips, spinner, seatbelts, fabric covering for panel, cloth seat covering, cigarette lighter, choice of paint Color (see options chart for addition charges)

Starting price $US 79,999.00
(Taxes and registration not included)
For information contact

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