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Какие из моделей АЭРОПРАКТ-КИЕВ Вы пилотировали?
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Aeroprakt: The Russians Are Coming!

Well, it's about time we met some of the best microlight-type aircraft available from the territory of the former Soviet Union. In this case, an American named John Hunter, of Spectrum Aircraft, has made friends with the folks from Aeroprakt of Kiev, Ukraine. And Hunter is busy introducing their wonderful planes to the rest of us.

Okay, okay! So Aeroprakt is in Ukraine, not Russia, as my friend Sergey adamantly points out. But it used to be part of... Ouch! Who threw that shoe? Dimitri, my Russian friend, says the planes are Russian, designed by Russian engineers? Hey! Hold it, guys! We're supposed to all be great friends now, remember?

Actually, there are two companies that sound like they have the same name though spelled differently: Aeroprakt of Kiev and Aeropract of Samara, Russia.

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